Our Mission and History

Finding a cure now… so our daughters don’t have to.

In 1993 – women all across Pennsylvania came together to take action in the fight against breast cancer. They had one mission – to help find a cure for breast cancer NOW… so our daughters don’t have to.

The PBCC has contributed nearly $5 million to breast cancer researchers right here in Pennsylvania, hosts a traveling photo exhibit that emphasizes the importance of early detection and shows the faces of real women across the state with breast cancer, and provides resources and information by sending thousands of FREE Friends Like Me care packages to newly diagnosed women.

By helping to enact legislation, we are changing women’s lives and saving women’s lives. Over 46-thousand uninsured and underinsured women have received FREE mammograms, thanks to the efforts of the PBCC. Thousands of women who were diagnosed under this program received FREE treatment for breast cancer, thanks to the PBCC and the hundreds of survivors who took a stand with us.

Insurers weren’t required to cover reconstructive surgery… until the Coalition took action.
Mammography centers weren’t required to notify women of their breast density… until the Coalition took action.
Many insurers didn’t pay for 3D mammograms… until the Coalition took action. Now, 3D mammograms are FREE for women insured in Pennsylvania.

Because of your stories…. your courage… your strength… together… we are saving women’s lives.
We are getting women the resources and support they need to fight this deadly disease.
We are funding ideas that lead to new treatments.
We are focused on finding a cure for breast cancer now… so our daughters don’t have to.
Taking action. Saving lives.

Taking action. Saving lives.

  • Over 1,500
    Hours Spent on Patient Advocacy a year
  • Over 10,000
  • $4.3 Million