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               The PBCC can be a resource for you, help you navigate your way through
               an insurance maze, or simply listen to your concerns. You are not alone.


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Every day, the PBCC advocates for women one-on-one. If you or someone you know is having difficulty accessing medical services, or has questions about insurance coverage related to breast cancer, we are here to help.
Our full-time patient advocate is able to help you find programs and services in Pennsylvania. And find support through our insurance guidebook Breast Cancer: Covered or Not? and our Friends Like Me Care Packages. Both of these FREE items can be requested through this site.


Request A Call

Do you have a question for our Patient Advocate? Click here to request assistance from the PBCC....
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Patient Resources

Over the years, the PBCC has established relevant resources for breast cancer survivors. Find out more online or over the phone with our patient advocate....
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Free Care Packages

Friends Like Me Care Packages are carefully produced to address the needs of a recipient diagnosed with breast cancer within the last six months. They are available FREE of charge to Pennsylvania residents...
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What is Breast Cancer?

Find answers to basic breast cancer questions and a glossary of breast cancer terms....
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Support Groups

Locate additional organizations or programs in your community that may help with your cancer concerns....
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Book Club

Looking for a book to read? We've got a list worth looking over....
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Did you know the PBCC has a full-time patient advocate?


Did you know PA has FREE Treatment for uninsured and under-insured women diagnosed with breast cancer?


Read about survivors that have benefited from PBCC services.