Lymphedema Treatment Act Passes!

Big news for breast cancer survivors facing lymphedema: The Lymphedema Treatment Act is now law! It passed Congress last month – a victory over 10 years in the making! You may recall survivors facing lymphedema, along with our PBCC Staff, met with U.S. Sen. Bob Casey on this legislation in 2017.

 “For the thousands of Pennsylvanians diagnosed with lymphedema each year, the Lymphedema Treatment Act will finally enable Medicare to cover medically necessary compression garments used by lymphedema patients to treat their symptoms and provide relief. I am grateful to the Pennsylvania Breast Cancer Coalition for working tirelessly to tackle this issue for years and I look forward to continue working alongside them in the fight against breast cancer.” – U.S. Sen. Bob Casey

opens in a new windowThe Lymphedema Treatment Act is a federal bill that provides coverage of lymphedema supplies and compression garments for survivors covered by Medicare. The law takes effect January 1, 2024. Thank you, Senator Casey, for your leadership on this important issue!