Hoodies of Hope

This fall, 8th grade students at Wilson Middle School in Carlisle launched a project called “Herd Hoods,” selling pink hoodies with proceeds going to the PA Breast Cancer Coalition (PBCC). Herd Hoods became a student-run business that designed and printed the limited edition Carlisle Ribbon Hoodies with the help of their teacher, Mr. Hvidos.

Students handled all aspects of the interdisciplinary project from electing officers to researching ideas, creating proposals, forming the business and working as a team to produce the product for sale. For each pink ribbon hoodie sold, $2 was given to the PBCC. Students also sold black hoodies benefiting Project Share, a nonprofit fighting hunger in PA.

The project had special meaning for many students including Julianna Hair, whose mother Krista is a breast cancer survivor and PBCC Grassroots Partner. Together they work on the annual Pink Out in the Park event in Carlisle’s Valley Meadows Park in October.

Thank you, Julianna, and thank you to the students and teachers who helped to make Herd Hoods a success!