Breast Cancer Research Legislation

We need your help! The PA Breast Cancer Coalition has new legislation, Senate Bill 445, introduced by PA Sen. Bob Mensch, that allows Pennsylvanians to donate to breast cancer research on their driver’s license and vehicle registration renewals. Proceeds will go toward the PBCC’s  Research Grants Initiative.

Click here to read Senate Bill 445.

What can YOU do to help? Please ask your state representative to vote “YES” on Senate Bill 445!

Our Pennsylvania breast cancer researchers desperately need funding. They rely on small grants to build big ideas that lead to treatments and cures for breast cancer.

Our breast cancer researchers are counting on YOU. Here’s what you can do right now…

  1. Click here to find your state representative 
  2. Call or email (or both!) your state representative and ask him/her to vote “YES” on Senate Bill 445 to make the PA Breast Cancer Coalition a beneficiary on PA Driver’s License and Vehicle Registration online applications.
  3. Tell them why it matters. Right now, only a small percentage of research grants receive funding on the federal level. Researchers in PA need grants to get their breakthrough ideas off the ground.
  4. Tell us about it! Did you hear back from your state representative? Click here to email the PBCC and tell us what your representative said.