Patient Advocacy Tip: Fertility Financial Assistance for Breast Cancer Survivors

Fertility Program for Cancer Survivors

Some women who go through cancer treatment find that they cannot have children afterward as chemotherapy may reduce the number of eggs in the ovaries or cause early menopause. It is important to identify your risk for infertility before treatment starts and take steps to preserve your fertility.

LIVESTRONG collaborates with more than 500 fertility clinics and sperm banks across the country to provide discounted fertility preservation services. They provide FREE fertility medications for women, and provide access to discounted sperm, embryo and egg freezing services through a national network of reproductive clinics and sperm bank partners.

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If you have already finished cancer treatment and are thinking about fertility for the first time, set up an appointment with your oncologist. Discuss your past cancer treatment and any possible effects on your fertility. If you are at risk of being infertile, your oncologist can refer you to a good fertility specialist for help.

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