Breast Cancer Bills Move Forward

TWO breast cancer bills got the green light in the Senate Banking and Insurance Committee this week and now await a full Senate vote. The bills will still have to pass the PA House.

SB 1225 introduced by Pennsylvania State Senator Bob Mensch:
◼ No-cost breast MRI, ultrasound for women at high-risk
◼ Eliminates out-of-pocket costs like co-pays, deductible, co-insurance for women with high-risk factors such as a personal history of breast cancer, family history, dense breast tissue, a genetic predisposition or previous radiation therapy.

SB 1330 introduced by State Senator Kim Ward:
◼ No-cost genetic testing and counseling for women at high-risk
◼ Covers costs associated with BRCA-related genetic testing and counseling

Please contact YOUR state senator and ask him/her to vote “YES” on both Senate Bill 1225 and Senate Bill 1330 for women at high-risk.
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