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Breast Density Notification

What is Dense Breast Tissue?

Dense breast tissue is comprised of less fat and more connective tissue which appears white on a mammogram. Cancer also appears white on a mammogram thus tumors are often hidden behind the dense tissue.

Women with dense breasts who have breast cancer are at an increased risk of being diagnosed at a late stage.

Breast density is consistently associated with breast cancer risk, more strongly than many other risk factors and extensive breast density may account for a substantial fraction of breast cancer. - Journal of National Cancer Institute

I was really angry that I'd never been told that I really had dense breast tissue throughout and that it can hide the cancer on a mammogram.  I just thought I was so responsible.  It came as quite a shock that it was breast cancer in itself, let alone stage 4.  And then I kind of turned that around and just thought it can't change for me now, nothing's going to change that, but I can make a difference for other women and their families.

   - Cindy Spinello, Breast Density Notification Advocate

How Can You Help?

Many women who have dense breast tissue don’t know it.  Now that we have passed legislation requiring mammography centers to notify women of their breast density, we want to ensure women are equipped with the knowledge they need.  When you receive correspondence from your annual mammogram, remove your name and personal information and send a copy to or fax it to (717) 769-2131.  

Have you had a mammogram since February 1, 2014?  Click here to take our short Breast Density Survey and help us help women in PA. Take Action. Save Lives.