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Free Webinars

The PA Breast Cancer Coalition hosts free webinars for survivors, caregivers, advocates, medical professionals and anyone interested in the latest breast cancer information.

Grassroots Partner Webinar:

The PA Breast Cancer Coalition's latest webinar, "Make a Difference: Become a Grassroots Partner or Volunteer" is now available online! Thank you to Community Outreach Director Kristen Snoke who presented information on how you can become involved in your community. Watch the recording for tips, techniques and ideas on how you can make a difference.  Click here to watch the video recording.



Breast Density Webinar:

The PA Breast Cancer Coalition's webinar, "Breast Density: What is It and Why Does it Matter?" is available online. Thank you to Dr. Susann Schetter, Division Chief of Breast Imaging at Penn State Hershey Breast Center, who presented information on breast density notification, levels, risks and screening options March 11 and March 18.  Click here to watch the video recording.



Other Previous Webinars:

Joanne Grossi, Regional Director, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services presented "The Affordable Care Act and You: Your Marketplace Insurance Choices" on Wednesday, December 2.  This webinar covers the marketplace choices available to you in detail.  You will learn the key components and features of the Affordable Care Act and open enrollment. 

Click here to watch the video recording.



Previous Webinars:

Dr. Edith Mitchell, Clinical Professor of Medical Oncology at Thomas Jefferson University's Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center presented "Treatment Options for Triple-Negative Breast Cancer" on Wednesday, November 5.  This session features the latest in triple-negative breast cancer risks, treatment options and targeted therapies. 

Click here to watch the video recording.


Dr. Joseph Serletti, Chief of Plastic Surgery at Penn Medicine offered his expertise in June's webinar "Reconstruction Options for Breast Cancer Survivors." Dr. Serletti is an expert in the field of reconstructive surgery. Throughout the webinar, he details the latest in surgery options as well as answers questions from survivors.

Click here to watch the video recording.




Stay tuned for more upcoming free webinars by the PBCC!