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Host a Fundraising Event

I am interested in hosting a fundraising event for the PBCC. Where do I start?

Are you interested in raising money for the PBCC? Please fill out the form below under "Tell us About Your Event." If you are looking for ideas on what you can do to support the PBCC and spread awareness, some community fundraising ideas are listed at the bottom of the page. Additionally, you can contact Daniele Kockler, Community Outreach Coordinator at or call 717-769-2301 to ask questions regarding your idea and receive further information. Thank you!  The PA Breast Cancer Coalition is extremely grateful to individuals and organizations who wish to organize events and fundraisers to support our mission. We are able to continue to serve women and their families battling breast cancer across the state because of fundraisers like yours!

Guidelines for Grassroots Partners

Download our Guidelines for Grassroots Partners here.

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Ideas for community fundraising events:

  • Hold a Casual Day in your office, either once or on a weekly or monthly basis, and require employees to pay a small fee to participate, which you donate to the PBCC.
  • If you sell things or own a store of some kind, designate a day, week, or month, choosing one item or perhaps all pink items, and give the PBCC a percentage of the profits of the sale of those items during the specified time period.
  • Have a birthday, anniversary or holiday party and ask guests to bring a donation to the PBCC instead of gifts.
  • If you are crafty, create specialty items such as pink knitted scarves, pink ribbon jewelry, or pink soaps and give the proceeds of the sale of these items to the PBCC. You could also create a large item such as a quilt and sell raffle tickets.
  • If you are a member of a musical group, theater group, or chorus, hold a benefit concert and donate the ticket money to the PBCC.
  • Be creative! There are infinite ways you can help! What can you think of?

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