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Take Action. Save Lives. Senate Bill 595 passed the Pennsylvania Senate unanimously! Now, the bill goes to the Pennsylvania House of Representatives.

Senate Bill 595 calls for:

Insurance coverage of breast cancer screenings including MRI and ultrasound for women at high risk for breast cancer, including women with dense breasts. Mammograms, even 3D mammograms, may not detect a woman’s breast cancer if she has very dense breasts. This bill is critical for the early detection of breast cancer and will ultimately save lives. SB 595 covers supplemental screenings for women with:

  • High-risk factors for breast cancer such as family history, personal history or a genetic predisposition
  • Extremely dense breast tissue
  • Heterogeneously dense breast tissue along with one other high risk factor for breast cancer

Act Now
Will YOU fight for insurance coverage for breast MRIs and ultrasounds? Call, email or visit your state House member and tell them why SB 595 will save women’s lives! Find your PA House representative at pbcc.me/findmylawmaker

Click here to read Dr. Wendie Berg’s guide to breast density screening

opens in a new windowClick here to read Senate Bill 595

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Watch our video to learn about Senate Bill 595


Ask YOUR State Representative to Vote "Yes" on Senate Bill 595!