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"Reading with Friends Like Me" Resource List

Opinions expressed in these books are those of the authors and inclusion on this list does not imply endorsement by the PBCC.

The PBCC surveyed breast cancer survivors about reading materials they would suggest to a friend. These are their recommendations. If you have any additional recommendations, please email us at

Do you have any of these books you would like to donate? The PBCC would love donations of these books to place in Friends Like Me care packages which are sent to Pennsylvania women newly diagnosed with breast cancer at no cost to them. Please email Stacy at or send to:

PA Breast Cancer Coalition  -  2397 Quentin Road, Suite B  -  Lebanon, PA 17042

Click a book to buy from A percentage of your purchases, when clicked through from the PBCC's site, will be sent to the PBCC. This includes books and all items, NOT just those on this list! So go shopping and help the PBCC!