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Breaking Records at the Reading Phillies

Posted By on July 18th, 2012 at 12:58 pm | 1672 comments.

Temperatures were rising in Reading, but despite the heat, the First Energy Stadium was the setting of a record-breaking 21 home runs at our third home run derby of the season, including an incredible 8 individual home runs from John Furlong and 5 individual home runs from Kevin Becker. A total of 13 teams and 27 volunteers, along with 3 individual batters came out to the Reading Phillies to Take a Swing Against Breast Cancer® with the PA Breast Cancer Coalition.

Check out the batting totals for the day, along with the list of home run hitters:

Home Run Hitters:

Special thanks to all of our batters & volunteers, as well as the energetic friends, family and coworkers who came out to cheer on the teams. Even Screwball came out to show his support for breast cancer awareness!  Together, you made the day a huge success. Additional thanks to the incredible staff at the Reading Phillies for their help in putting this day together, and to our media partners of Blue Ridge Cable 11 news for covering the event.  View all of the Reading photos here. Next stop: Erie SeaWolves on Thursday! Remember to follow us live on Twitter (@PBCC) for live coverage of all of our home run derby events.


Humid Day Draws Crowd in Reading

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Team Rep. Tina Davis

It was Tuesday, July 19th. The setting was the newly-redesigned FirstEnergy Stadium, home of the Reading Phillies. The temperature was approaching triple digits. And the humidity was out in force. These, however, were the perfect conditions for our teams to step up to the plate and show their support. Check out how the teams fared through the beginning of Heatwave: Summer 2011.

Single Batters:

Home Run Hitters:

Screwball Came to VisitFriends, family members and colleagues were out in force to show their support for the batters. Thanks to those who came out, including the volunteers! Everyone made the day a success. Special thanks to WFMZ for stopping by to cover our day at the ballpark. Check out some of the great photos from our muggy day at the Reading Phillies.

A fair share of home runs at the Reading Phillies

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Summer has finally arrived in Pennsylvania. What would a beautiful summer day be without a Home Run Derby? The PBCC crew and volunteers took First Energy Stadium by storm today and pumped everyone up for the Derby! PBCC Lehigh Valley Vice President Sandy Cray was on hand to be the voice for the day to lead our teams and volunteers toward the homers.

A total of eight teams came out today to take a swing against breast cancer. Quite a few batters hit home runs! I’ll get to that list later. But take a look at the team scores!

Fleetwood Bank – 3.075 points
Reading Express Indoor Football Team 1 – 1,805 points
Reading Express Indoor Football Team 2 – 1,555 points
Berks County Bar Association – 1,415 points
Team Rep. Dave Kessler – 1,285 points
Team Kristyna Eagle – 1.185 points
Tyson-Schoener Elementary School – 1,175 points
The Reading Hospital Regional Cancer Center Radiation Avengers – 935 points

On the Fleetwood Bank team, all four batters hit home runs! Dewey Oriente hit 6, Cody Kulp and Mike Bisenius hit 5, and Tyler Mertzer hit 2! Check out the team with their pink and white home run baseballs! Carmelo Ocasio and Matt Sola from Reading Express Indoor Football Team 1 both hit one homer. And Ian Cooper from Reading Express Indoor Football Team 2 hit one out of the park too!

Screwball from the Phillies hung out with the crowd for a bit. He even went out and fed baseballs into the pitching machine! Thank you to everyone who came out today in Reading! It was a blast! Check out all of the photos on Facebook!