Remembering Cindy Spinello

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Cindy-SpinelloThe PBCC board, staff, and volunteers are deeply saddened by the passing of our friend, Cindy Spinello. Cindy was diagnosed with breast cancer in July 2012, just four months after a mammogram showed normal results.

Due to her dense breast tissue, her mammogram was unable to find the stage 4 cancer that had already spread to her spine, stomach, ovaries and lymph nodes.

Cindy told us that her goals were to be thankful for each day, to enjoy every possible moment with her family and friends, and to prevent others and their families from the emotional and physical pain experienced with a later stage breast cancer diagnosis. She took the anger she felt and used it to energize her advocacy efforts. She stood up and she spoke out.

Cindy became the PBCC’s strongest advocate for change through the Breast Density Notification Act. With her help and support, we were able to have that legislation passed requiring mammography centers to notify women of their breast density.

Countless women across Pennsylvania will benefit from her determination to ensure that they will not face the same struggle she did. We will never forget Cindy’s strength, courage and hope. She was a good friend, a fierce fighter, and a true advocate.


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