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President’s Corner: PA Medicaid Now Covers 3D Mammograms for Women

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patheadshotforplBy Pat Halpin-Murphy, President & Founder

Have you heard? Not only are 3D mammograms covered for women insured under Pennsylvania law, they are now covered for women insured by PA Medicaid. As of December 1, 2015, PA Medicaid participants are eligible to receive 3D mammograms at the same coverage level as traditional 2D mammograms.

According to the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services, “tomosynthesis (3D mammograms) is becoming more common as many health care 3d-mammogram-for-plfacilities in this Commonwealth are replacing 2D mammography technology with 3D mammography technology, offering new opportunities to diagnose breast cancer and providing life-saving treatment earlier than ever.”

Thanks to the commitment of Governor Tom Wolf and First Lady Frances Wolf, Pennsylvania became the first state in the nation to consider 3D mammograms exactly what they are: mammograms. On October 5, 2015 at the PA Breast Cancer Coalition Conference, First Lady Frances Wolf announced that insurers must cover 3D mammograms at no cost to women over the age of 40. The move clarifies an existing law that the PA Breast Cancer Coalition worked to pass in the 1990s.

Thanks to YOUR help, 3D mammograms are now covered for women insured by PA Medicaid. As of October 5, 2015, insurers covered under state law are also offering 3D mammogram coverage. We’re honored to take action with you!

Powerful Grassroots Partners Make Impact Across Pennsylvania

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Tatatrot2015You. YOU are the reason the PA Breast Cancer Coalition is able to help breast cancer survivors, support their families, advocate for the women of Pennsylvania and award research grants to outstanding scientists in our state.

Grassroots Partners continue to amaze us with their creative ways to make an impact. You’ve organized walks, dress-down days, football games, tea parties – even a boatload of bras!  You’ve opened the doors to your restaurants, car dealerships, banks, grocery stores and everywhere in between to further our mission of finding a cure for breast cancer now… so our daughters won’t have to. For that, we thank you.  Women facing breast cancer, families and researchers thank you, too for making a difference.

Grassroots Partners – you ROCK! Watch the video below as we salute the 2015 Grassroots Partners:


Register Now for the PBCC’s FREE Lymphedema Webinar

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lymphedema-for-plThe PA Breast Cancer Coalition will offer a free webinar, “Understanding and Treating Lymphedema After Breast CancerTuesday, January 19 at 7:00pm. Dr. Linda Miller, of the Breast Cancer Rehabilitation and Therapy Center will discuss lymphedema, a big concern for many breast cancer survivors, and its risk factors.

In this webinar, you will be given an overview of the condition as well as treatment options.  Dr. Miller will also share lymphedema resources.  You don’t want to miss it!

This activity has been submitted to the Oncology Nursing Society for approval to award contact hours. ONS is accredited as an approver of continuing nursing education by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s COA.


90-Year-Old Survivor Finds the “5 Important Things”

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Audrey-Marschka-edited-for-PLAudrey Marschka, Lancaster County

Going through having breast cancer made me stop and think about the important things. I came up with five: faith, family, friends, food, and flowers.

In December 2000 I went for my regular six-month checkup. At first the doctor thought what was discovered on my breast was a cyst. But being a nurse, I knew when they kept pausing that something was wrong. It was stage 4 breast cancer. It was suggested that I could wait a few months but I didn’t want to do that. Fortunately, we found a surgeon who was willing to do it right away. I was 75 years old at the time of diagnosis and the chemo and radiation really knocked the pep out of me.

I believe my faith got me through. It’s become more and more important as I’ve gotten older. My husband Dave and I have been members of the Grandview United Methodist Church for 60 years. Recently the Sunday school children presented us with roses to commemorate that. Family is, of course, the other thing I relied on, especially Dave and our children. We have three sons, one daughter, seven grandchildren and five great-granddaughters.

It’s important to have friends and no matter where you go you can meet more, when you travel, when you volunteer, in the neighborhood, and at church. We moved into a retirement village two years ago and we’ve made more friends here. One day a lady asked me if I was always happy. I had never really thought about it but I had to say “Yes, I guess I am. It helps.”

As far as food and flowers, my mother taught me about nutrition. I knew all about it before the exam in nursing school. I still eat five to six servings of fruit and vegetables every day. It’s easy if you think about it. And flowers … oh my gosh what would I do without my garden and my sunporch!

Another thing that helped that first year was listening to good music. I like opera and classical music and jazz.

Five years ago, Dave and I got a book about tai chi and we practice that every day for 15-20 minutes and we use a stationary bike. I really believe in tai chi and it helps a lot with balance. Cancer can do a lot of things but it can’t take everything away from you either, especially those five most important things.

Treatment and Recovery Shirts Offer Comfort for Breast Cancer Patients

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heal-in-comfort-shirt-for-PLThe healincomfort® recovery shirt eases patient recovery from painful upper body surgeries including mastectomy, lumpectomy, and reconstruction. The shirt will prove helpful for your post op recovery, doctor visits, radiation, chemo, sleeping and daywear. Made from a soft fabric with Velcro-like fasteners, the shirt design includes an inside pocket to hold drains and provides a way to heal in comfort and dignity. Shop for the shirt and related items at

Lancaster Newspapers Goes Pink, Raises Thousands for PA Survivors

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LNP-for-PlLNP (Lancaster Newspapers) washed the pages of its October 25th Sunday News edition in “pink in pursuit of a cure”, and featured an interview with PA Breast Cancer Coalition President and Founder Pat Halpin-Murphy on the front page! The pink initiative went much further than simply transforming the color of its pages—it was all to help bring awareness to National Breast Cancer Awareness month, honor and memorialize breast cancer survivors and those who have lost their battle, and recognize the health care providers and advocates who empower and embrace the cause. PBCC Board Member and Vice President for the South Central Region, Alice Sanders, was also featured in a spotlight interview in the Living Section.
In addition, these pink pages generated a donation of over $17,000 for the PBCC—all from ad sales that chose to go “pink” for a day! The LNP Pink Edition was a historic and meaningful initiative that was a huge success in its first year. Thank you to Barbara Hough Roda, LNP Executive Editor and everyone who sponsored an ad in this special edition!