Volunteer Profile: Thank you Cheryl Delsite!

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Cheryl CroppedHow did you first get involved volunteering with us? 

Mrs. Ridge and her staff suggested I contact the PBCC when I was having an issue getting my ruptured implant replaced. I was beyond the 6 year window that was allowed by law and my insurance refused to pay for it. The PBCC worked to get the law changed.  I’ve been involved ever since.

Describe your volunteer work for the PBCC.

I have been volunteering for the Coalition for about 14 years.  I think I have done a little bit of everything.  I have been on committees raising funds for the PBCC.  I have represented the Coalition when a staff member couldn’t be there and I work at the conference registration booth.  And I am one of the pictures in the 67 Women display.cheryl delsite, northumberland

What would you say is the best part of volunteering with PBCC? 

Meeting people from all over the state. (I’ve made some great friends.)  Representing the Coalition at different events and seeing the creative ways people are raising money for the fight and spreading the word about the PBCC.

Any advice for someone who is thinking about volunteering but hasn’t yet taken the plunge to do so?

It is one of the best experiences and you will get so much out of it.  Plus you get to attend some great events with some wonderful people while representing a fabulous organization!

Any volunteering memory/short story you’d like to share?

It would be hard to pick just one.  I have so many!

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