Survivors Share Brave Stories at Allentown Exhibit Opening

Posted By on July 15th, 2013 at 8:19 am | 1215 comments.

Lehigh Exhibit SurvivorsAllentown played host to an emotional and inspiring night of survivorship last month as the PBCC brought its photo exhibit to Sacred Heart Hospital.

Lehigh Valley survivors Robin Lysek and Lananh Rissmiller, who is currently undergoing treatment, shared their brave stories with the public at the June 20th Opening Reception.  Sacred Heart Hospital breast surgeon Dr. Cara Guillfoyle also spoke of her inspiring work with patients on their journey through breast cancer treatment.

 “There is a turning point in a patient’s life between the shock when they’re initially diagnosed with breast cancer and the moment when they make the conscious decision to fight; the moment when you take on the challenges of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation and while maybe reluctant, you step into the ring with your opponent and put on your gloves,” Guillfoyle said.  “This is the moment when you become a survivor.  It is this strength and perseverance that we’re here to celebrate today.”

Thousands of Lehigh Valley residents and visitors viewed the exhibit at Sacred Heart Hospital in June.  If you would like to have the exhibit at a location near you, contact PBCC Community Outreach Director Kristen Snoke at or 800-377-8828.


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