Patient Advocacy Tip: Avva Health App

Posted By on February 18th, 2013 at 9:16 am | 1192 comments.

avva health app pic2The Avva app was created by a group of current and former Stanford and Harvard students working directly with breast cancer patients. The app can be used in one of two modes: screening mode, for all women who want to keep track of their mammogram screenings, and treatment mode, to help newly diagnosed breast cancer patients prepare for their doctor visits.

For Screening: You can set the app to remind you when the time for your next mammogram is approaching. After you have your mammogram, input the date into the app. If more than the recommended time goes by without a mammogram, the app will send you a weekly notification to remind you until you indicate that you’ve had the mammogram.

For Treatment: You can create a list of questions for your doctor, using suggestions based on your personal situation. During the visit, the app allows you to save typed notes or to create an audio recording of your conversation. Everything is saved to your phone so you can access it again at any time.

To download the app:

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