Survivor Spotlight: Sandy Sherman

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In October 2006, I had a screening mammogram as part of a complete physical and the mammogram showed an abnormality. After further testing it was determined that the mass was cancer and needed to be removed. I was given two options: a mastectomy or seven weeks of radiation. I didn’t like those choices and started searching online for more information and found MammoSite.

MammoSite is a five-day targeted radiation therapy for breast cancer. The tumor is removed with a lumpectomy and then a balloon is attached to a thin tube in the cavity of the lumpectomy. The balloon is then filled with saline solution and remains in the breast for the radiation treatments. The treatments are twice daily for five days.

I approached my surgeon with the possibility of this treatment option. She was not familiar with the procedure at that time but she was willing to look into it for me. I became the first patient she did this for. After the 10 treatments over five days, I was done before that Thanksgiving. The hardest part was getting up at 5:00 a.m. to go to Allentown each day for the treatments, but I had no pain and no sickness. I hope sharing my story will help spread the word about the MammoSite procedure and save much time, effort and money for other women who might qualify.














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