Patient Advocacy: 2011 in Review

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The PBCC is committed to being the voice for women who might otherwise fall through the cracks in the health care system. Whenever we pick up the phone we know that on the other end of the line there might be a woman whose insurance company doesn’t want to cover the procedure that her doctor wants her to have. Or maybe her job is in jeopardy if she has to take time off from work for treatment. Or she has no health insurance and doesn’t know there are programs for which she might qualify.

In 2011, our patient advocate worked with over 60 women to help find the answers they needed. Some were easy referrals to the organization or program to fit her needs. Many were more complicated and involved lengthy follow-ups.

If you, or someone you know, need help please visit the “Needs Help” section of our website. If you don’t find the answer there, contact Dolores Magro at

Dorothy from Lititz, PA wrote us, “My insurance company was refusing to cover a portion of the bill from my reconstructive surgery. They said it was cosmetic. Once I shared with them the information you gave me, they reversed the denial of my 3rd appeal. I never wanted something for nothing. I just wanted what was fair.”

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