Breast Cancer Survivors: Be Aware of Bone Health

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by Barbara Good, Ph.D.

When a woman is being treated for breast cancer, her major concern, as well as that of her care givers, must be survival. However, after treatment is completed and she is on the road to recovery, there are other health issues that should move to the top of her list. One of these is bone health. Many women, particularly those of northern European descent, are at risk for osteoporosis and bone fractures in their later lives.

The therapies that accompany breast cancer treatment put a woman at an even greater risk of developing this potentially debilitating problem, which can result in serious fracture and death. Those who have undergone certain chemotherapeutic regimens and treatment with aromatase inhibitors may be at particular risk. All women, but especially women who have been treated for breast cancer, should talk to their physicians about undergoing bone mineral density studies to measure and monitor the density of their bone structure as they get older. Medical care for osteoporosis includes treatment with bisphosphonates, calcium, Vitamin D, and other agents.

For an excellent review on bone health after cancer, visit the Journal of Cancer Research and Therapies.

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