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Where is your pink this October?

Posted By on October 3rd, 2011 at 11:22 pm | 118 comments.

Cooler temperatures, autumn leaves and Friday football games can only mean one thing at the PBCC…it’s Breast Cancer Awareness month once again! I continue to be amazed at people’s creativity and commitment when it comes to fundraising or special event ideas. I firmly believe that anything you enjoy can become a benefit for the PBCC. Do you golf…ride horses…snow tube…play softball…walk…have a motorcycle…make jewelry? Are you getting the idea?

Don’t let your talents go to waste. I challenge you to come up with something that’s never been done before. Every day our phone rings and someone is on the other end with an incredible idea for raising awareness about this disease.

Last week I attended a high school ice hockey game. It was Warwick vs. Hempfield…two powerhouse schools in Lancaster County. Marc Wizckowski, a senior for Warwick, turned the game into a fundraiser for the PBCC. He got special jerseys made, got raffle prizes donated, reserved the ice, and contacted local media. He did it all. And in the end, he raised $1,410 for the PBCC in one night. But more importantly, he got an arena full of fans to notice how powerful pink can be. The striking pink ribbons on the black jerseys, the pink grip tape on the hockey sticks, the girl working the door whose hair was pink for that night…it all led to an incredible sense of community and coming together for a cause.

That’s what Breast Cancer Awareness month is all about. I look forward to hearing the phone ring again today. Maybe the next amazing idea will be yours.