Survivor Spotlight – Heather Stempka, Erie County

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Following her second breast cancer diagnosis at 33 years old, Heather Stempka wanted to reassure other young women that they didn’t have to take the breast cancer journey on their own. She co-founded Linked by Pink, which is a nonprofit organization that raises awareness about breast cancer in young women, particularly those who were diagnosed under the age of 45, and that provides resources to them.

While Linked by Pink is based in Erie, PA, Heather has used social media outlets like Facebook to broaden the horizons for the organization. Heather will be presenting the “Advocacy Using Social Media” workshop at the 2011 PA Breast Cancer Coalition Conference on Tuesday, October 11.

Heather’s passion for helping people led her back to school to finish her degree in psychology with a minor in crisis counseling. She will graduate next summer from Liberty University.

Linked by Pink offers $500 medical grants to assist women battling breast cancer. Currently, the grants are only available to those who live within a 45 mile radius of Erie, PA, although they hope to extend their reach further in the future. For information on how to apply for these grants, visit the Linked by Pink website.

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