Survivor Spotlight: Cheryl Behrenshausen

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Cheryl Behrenshausen, shown left with her family at her daughter’s graduation, teaches first grade in the Shippensburg Area School District. She has been a school teacher for 27 years. Her husband Eric is an elementary school Phys Ed teacher. Two days before Christmas 2004 she had a biopsy following a screening mammogram. Two days after Christmas she got the breast cancer diagnosis.

She says that the mammogram saved her life, and she gives credit to the radiologist who was aggressive about following up on the suspicious finding. The tumor was only 1 centimeter. She had a mastectomy in January 2005 and recently completed 5 years of tamoxifen treatment.

She has a good friend, a co-worker who teaches right beside her. Their birthdays are two weeks apart, they are the same age, and have always been close. Her friend was diagnosed two weeks after Cheryl was. It was a real wake-up call to the school and many of the teachers began getting regular mammograms. Throughout the treatment process the two friends were grateful to have one another to lean on.

She and her husband Eric are big sports fans. She follows the Green Bay Packers and New York Yankees and the family has season tickets to Penn State football games. Cheryl is a member of the ABC’S support group in Carlisle and joins the other members of the group in volunteering at the PBCC Annual Conference registration booth.

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