Survivor Spotlight: Cindy Holobusky

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Cindy Holobusky has had three heart surgeries, at the ages of eight, 40 and 42. Then at age 46 she came out of the shower one day and found a lump in her breast. With two artificial heart valves, her doctors needed to be especially careful preparing her for a lumpectomy. Cindy was hospitalized for several days to monitor the effects of being taken off the blood thinner Coumadin.

That was five years ago and Cindy was glad to hear at her recent check-up that she was “A-OK.” When she was diagnosed Cindy ordered a Friends Like Me care package and says that the things in it helped her to feel like she was not alone. Now she likes to pay it forward by ordering Friends Like Me care packages for other newly-diagnosed women.

Two years ago her insurer denied coverage of her annual mammogram, so her physician’s office contacted the PBCC. We were able to step in and unravel the red tape that was blocking her access. Recently Cindy traveled to State College to attend the Penn State Lady Lions WBCA Pink Zone at Penn State, which benefited the PBCC. She says it was a great feeling to be among the 352 breast cancer survivors honored on the basketball court, especially with those women diagnosed over 20 years ago!

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