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Survivor Spotlight: Barbara Eyrich

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When Barbara Eyrich volunteered at the PBCC’s 2008 Home Run Derby in Reading, she couldn’t anticipate she would be diagnosed with breast cancer two years later in May 2010. Barb originally heard about the PBCC through a women’s group she belonged to and was excited to read about the Derby. The following year she learned that Harleysville Savings Bank, where she is a loan officer, had teams participating in the Home Run Derby in Allentown.

So she and her daughter switched their volunteer efforts to the 2009 Lehigh Valley Home Run Derby. Last summer, Barb returned to the Home Run Derby just one month after having breast cancer surgery. She loves being involved in the event, lining up batters for their photos and helping to keep the day running smoothly.

She is just about finished with radiation now and says that having a positive attitude throughout has allowed her to focus on the end result. Her husband and children have been her biggest supporters and she is very grateful to them. Join Barb at the Home Run Derby at Coca-Cola Park on July 6th!

2011 Refunds for Research Awardees Announced

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Through the generosity of Pennsylvania taxpayers, the PBCC’s Refunds for Breast Cancer Research program awarded grants to three PA based cancer researchers to further their study. Melanie Flint, Ph.D., Steffi Oesterreich, Ph.D., and Azadeh Stark, Ph.D. each received $50,000 to continue their respective research endeavors to unlock more of the mysteries of breast cancer.

Dr. Flint and Dr. Oesterreich are both researchers at the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute. Dr. Stark is employed by the Center for Health Service Research at Geisinger Medical Center. This is the first PBCC Refunds for Research grant award for all of the three recipients.

Many thanks to each Pennsylvania taxpayer who has contributed all or part of his or her state income tax refund to support the Refunds for Research program to help bring us closer to our goal of finding a cure for breast cancer now…so our daughters won’t have to.

President’s Corner: 3-D Breast Scans Aid in Early Detection, Lessening False Positives

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Recently approved by the FDA, 3-D breast scan systems provide radiologists with a clearer, spatially accurate representation of breast tissue to accompany the image provided by a mammogram. The 3-D reconstruction will make it easier to detect and identify possible malignancies in the breast tissue that may not have been visible prior to the 3-D technology.

The 3-D scan will provide radiologists with the ability to better analyze tumors found in the breast and help reduce the likelihood of false positives. A recent Philadelphia Inquirer article on the topic provided insights by radiologists familiar with the 3-D breast scan technology, formally called “tomosynthesis”. They showed that the 3-D breast scan will allow them to see any tumors more clearly than mammography alone. However, it is important to note that at this stage, the 3-D scan would not be a replacement for the traditional 2-D mammogram; rather, it would be used in conjunction with a traditional mammogram to provide a clearer picture of the inside of the breast. It is also important to remember that the 3-D scan provides a higher dose of radiation than do currently used mammograms, and the long-term effects of it on the breast are unknown.  Any woman considering this procedure should review it with her physician.

Information on cutting-edge breast cancer news and research will be available at the PA Breast Cancer Coalition Annual Conference on Tuesday, October 11, 2011 in Harrisburg. Sponsorship opportunities are still available. Register today to join us for this inspirational and educational gathering of breast cancer advocates and survivors.