A Frequent Question: What do you do?

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Every day I drive from my home in Elizabethtown to Ephrata.  I have friends who go to work and feel like they don’t have a purpose in his or her workplace.  That is NOT the feeling I have every morning on my commute.

I started interning with the PA Breast Cancer Coalition in January 2009.  I quickly learned about how things work in the office and around the state.  It is simply inspiring to see the drive of our full time staff, but also our advocates in communities across PA.  I knew I was going to like it here.  I am entering my fourth month of full time employment with the PBCC and my 21st month of knowing leading champions in the breast cancer cause.

Almost daily, our staff receives phone calls and e-mails asking how the PBCC can help those diagnosed with breast cancer or how people in the community can get involved with our organization.  There are many answers to both of those questions.  To help, I’ve included our mission video below.  Yes, it may be 12 minutes long, but believe me, it’s 12 minutes that will show you the effect this non-profit has across the state.


Now, what can you do?  How can you have an impact on the women and families in Pennsylvania fighting breast cancer?  Here are a few simple ways:

This is a short list of how you can contribute to what the PA Breast Cancer Coalition does on a daily basis.  If you have questions about anything that is listed here or have a new idea, please feel free to contact us at info@pabreastcancer.org or 1-800-377-8828!

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