Newsletter Returns (i.e. Job Security)

Posted By on August 26th, 2010 at 9:45 am | 113 comments.

While many of the PBCC staff were traveling across the state in July, running our 11 Home Run Derby fundraisers and trying to stay cool, I was sitting at my desk with a huge pile of FrontLine newsletter returns staring at me.

The main part of my job entails keeping our database of over 78,000 constituents up-to-date.  Every time we send out a mailing to these constituents, we receive hundreds of returns and notifications of forwards from the post office.  I then have to update every one of those records in our database so the next time we send a mailing, it will go to the correct place!  Many times, people move without a forwarding address.  (Why?  I don’t understand that!  Don’t you want to get your mail at your new home?)  When that happens, I have to remove those people from our list so we don’t continue to mail to someone who’s no longer at that address.  It’s tedious work and takes me days and days each time we do a large mailing, which happens at least quarterly.  But I really don’t mind!

Don’t get me wrong, I do get bored after a while and have to get up from my desk, grab a cup of coffee, work on a different task.  But I eventually get through the pile.  And the feeling I get when that’s done is amazing.  I enjoy knowing that our large database is as accurate as it can possibly be.  I enjoy completing a task that seems insurmountable at the beginning.  I enjoy the details, the names, the addresses.  I enjoy making things right.

My co-workers often tell me, “I do not want your job!”  So I guess that means doing the tedious, boring stuff brings me job security.  Well, you know what?  I’ll take it!  And I’ll smile all the way through…until September when the next FrontLine newsletter goes out.

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