Derby finale at the Reading Phillies

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2010 PA Home Run Derby at the Reading PhilliesThe home run derby crew rolled into FirstEnergy Stadium for the last event on Friday, July 30th.  Pink bats have been awarded around the state to teams who knocked one out of the park, and one team would be lucky enough to get the last set in Reading.  It was a fierce competition on the sunny Friday, so check out how the teams stacked up!

Team Scores:

Single Batter Scores:

2010 PA Home Run Derby at the Reading PhilliesThe day was full of fun and batters of all ages came out to support the PBCC.  The team representing Fleetwood Bank brought their own pitcher to throw softballs to the batters.  While the softballs didn’t fly as far as a normal baseball, the team still finished with a great score!  Congratulations ladies!

Our winning team from Chesapeake Energy had two batters that each took 30 swings.  During his time at bat, Nick Aspromonte hit two home runs!  And single batter John Furlong also knocked one out of the park during his time at the plate!  And a homer by Dante Cutrona from the Berks Bar Association.  Congratulations fellas!

With the end in sight, the derby crew looks forward to compiling all of the scores to create the statewide team leaderboard in addition to the statewide winner for our single batters.  In the meantime, check out the pictures from the 11th and final stop of the 2010 derby!

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