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I’ve always had a bit of an obsessive personality.  Just ask my friends, family and PBCC co-workers.  When I get into something, I REALLY get into it.  At least until the next thing comes along.  (For example, in 2008 I set a goal to read 52 books in a year and actually did it!)

Blogs are one of my newest obsessions.  I currently follow 66 different blogs, including this one by the PBCC.  But I’m always on the hunt for more.  I just love finding a new, cool blog to add to my list and scanning the posts multiple times each day.  If you love blogs like I do, here are a few written by some pretty amazing breast cancer survivors. – Andrea is a young wife and mother who lives in Canada and is fighting breast cancer.  Together with her husband Mark, she blogs about her cancer journey and takes lots of great photos. – Ann Silberman is a mother, wife, and Middle School secretary in Sacramento, CA.  After her diagnosis in September 2009, she started a blog that’s full of humor and energy. – Another Californian, Jennifer Overbeck was diagnosed in 2006 at age 39.  Though her treatment has been over for some time, she continues to blog sporadically to share news, thoughts on living beyond cancer, and updates from her 6-month checks. – Jacki Donaldson was diagnosed in 2004 at the age of 34 and has been blogging ever since.  I love her inspirational photos and quotes, as well as her stories of other survivors.  She also frequently shares helpful cancer-related resources that she comes across.

If you have any breast cancer blog recommendations, please send them my way.  I’m always on the lookout!

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