War of the Roses kicks off in York

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2010 PA Home Run Derby at the York RevolutionThe topic of heat and humidity were on the minds of our batters and volunteers, but the weather did not deter from a great time at Sovereign Bank Stadium, the home of the York Revolution!  This event kicked off the War of the Roses between Rep. Eugene DePasquale of York and Rep. Scott Boyd of Lancaster.  Both teams came prepared for battle on the diamond.  Check out how they did below!

Team Scores:

2010 PA Home Run Derby at the York RevolutionLooks like Team Boyd won on the York turf for a second consecutive year.  This didn’t deter Team DePasquale from looking forward to Lancaster for another challenge!

Early in the day, WPMT Fox 43 went LIVE from Sovereign Bank Stadium to help promote the derby to south-central PA.  A special thanks to Mike Gorsegner and the entire Fox 43 staff for that wonderful opportunity! 

Stay Classy, York made an appearance on Friday.  On his trip around the Commonwealth to six derby events, Bob Hauer helped to lead his team to fourth place with 1,170 points.  Not a bad showing out on field!

With a mini-Green Monster in left field and the possibility of weather affecting our batters, we did not have any home runs in the White Rose city!  We look to Lancaster to help boost our home run tally for 2010.  In the meantime, check out photos from the derby event at the York Revolution!

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