The War Moves to the Red Rose City

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2010 PA Home Run Derby at the Lancaster BarnstormersAnother derby event in a back-TWO-back competition was held in Lancaster at Clipper Magazine Stadium on Saturday, July 17th.  The heat was on and all watched in anticipation of the second day of the War of the Roses.  Of course all of our teams were up against tough stats from the first half of the derby season: single-digit home runs.  We’ll check out those figures in a little bit.  But first, let’s see our team scores!

Team Scores:

Single Batter Scores:

2010 PA Home Run Derby at the Lancaster BarnstormersIt was a tough race for the War of the Roses, but Team Rep. Scott Boyd pulled out another win to take the 2010 War of the Roses title.  Although Team Boyd fell second to Team Sen. Mike Brubaker’s squad.  The battle for first was tough, but in the end both teams came together for a friendly photo with the pink bat!

Our dryspell of home runs gave way to a list of hitters who knocked on out of the park!  Jordan Stoltzfus, Matt Waleuski, Mike Wilson, & Greg Gunter all were able to hit one out of the park!  Hopefully this momentum will keep the derby home runs coming!  Take a look at the great pictures from the Lancaster Barnstormers Home Run Derby!

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