Balmy day in Erie, PA

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2010 PA Home Run Derby at the Erie SeawolvesOn our trip up to Erie, the temperature registered a whopping 102 degrees on Tuesday, July 6th.  That definitely set us up for a warm day on Wednesday, July 7th as the derby crew rolled into Jerry Uht Park.  The high temperatures did not stop batters and volunteers from supporting the 2nd stop of the 2010 Home Run Derby.  Check out the scores of our Erie teams!

Team Scores:

  • Marquette Savings Bank Team 2 – 1,910 points
  • TESCO Tools Team 4 – 1,785 points
  • TESCO Tools Team 3 – 1,655 points
  • Malin Bergquist – 1,205 points
  • TESCO Tools Team 1 – 1,090 points
  • – 980 points
  • Erie Times News – 855 points
  • Marquette Savings Team 1 – 820 points
  • TESCO Tools Team 2 – 805 points
  • UPMC – 785 points

Our winning team (Marquette Savings Bank Team 2) consisted of Terry Carson, Scott Hess, Joe Lauria, and Dan Lewis.  Joe locked in a whopping 600 points with 12 baseballs hitting the back wall.

Other big scorers include John Fette and Lee Rowan from TESCO Tools Team 4 with 550 points and 500 points, respectively.  Even though we had large scores, no one was able to knock one out of the park!

2010 PA Home Run Derby at the Erie SeawolvesCheck out pictures from the Erie event on Flickr

The pink van loaded up and headed south to Washington, PA for stop number three of the 2010 Home Run Derby tour.

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