The Derby isn't only about teams…are you a single batter?

Posted By on June 25th, 2010 at 2:00 pm | 116 comments.

Previously I have written about our need for Home Run Derby sponsors and volunteers.  And we still do need both!  If you’re interested, click here to learn more or sign up. 

The Home Run Derby events are major fundraisers for the PBCC.  Funds are raised through sponsorships, team fees, single batter fees, and donations.  Today, I am focusing on single batters.

For the low, low price of just $125 you can have an experience of a lifetime!  Imagine the scene.  You put on a batting helmet, grasp a baseball bat and step out onto home plate on your local minor league baseball field.  You sling the bat over your shoulder and take a few warm up swings.  The pitching machine whirs to life as you eye the outfield fence and wonder….could I?  Could I really hit a home run?  Well why not give it a try? 

For the price of $125, you receive:

  • 15 swings at the minor league baseball stadium of your choice
    • commemorative batter’s jersey
    • program
    • souvenir photo
    • goody bag
    • a great time!

Batters are scored on a scale ranging from 10 points for a fair ball hit in the infield to 100 points for a home run. The individual batter at each stadium with the highest point score is awarded a prize.  You will be given a batting time slot when your registration and payment is submitted to the PBCC.  All money raised through the Home Run Derby stays in Pennsylvania and allows the PBCC to continue supporting and serving breast cancer survivors and their families in this state.

Please consider becoming a Home Run Derby batter today!  We can’t help the thousands of women in PA who are dealing with breast cancer without your help!

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