Because Brecknock Cares

Posted By on June 4th, 2010 at 9:30 am | 127 comments.

The students at Brecknock Elementary School in Eastern Lancaster County School District collected and donated over 560 items for the PBCC, including gardening tools, books, handmade cards, silk scarves, and even feather boas!

In honor of Lisa Horning, a third-grade teacher at Brecknock for 18 years who died after a long battle with breast cancer on September 20th, students at the school participated in their first “Day of Service,” which benefitted three causes, including the PBCC.

The idea to support the PBCC during the “Day of Service” actually came from Madison, the daughter of one of Brecknock’s teachers.  She saw our pink van (check out the video of its creation) driving around town and asked her mom about it.  The rest is history.


We especially LOVED the homemade ornamental angel keychains and “Get Well” cards.  Each item carried the message, “Because Brecknock Cares,” which Lisa Horning came up with several years ago.

What a wonderful way to honor a loved one AND support a noble cause.  Thanks, Brecknock Elementary School!

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