We Get By With A Little Help From Our Friends

Posted By on April 7th, 2010 at 10:46 am | 108 comments.

“It made me feel good to know that there are others out there just like me. I’m not alone.”

“It was profoundly heartening and I cried when I opened this knowing that others cared.”

“I felt that I wasn’t alone in this frightful journey and it gave me comfort and hope to know that others care.”

What are all these women raving about? The PBCC’s Friends Like Me care package, that’s what! Every week we send about a dozen Friends Like Me care packages to women who live in Pennsylvania and have been recently diagnosed with breast cancer. (Click here to request one for yourself or someone you know.) The package is filled to the brim with important information about breast cancer surgery and treatment.

We know the women who receive these care packages appreciate the educational stuff. They tell us so in every survey they send back. But my heart tells me that the best parts of the care package, the things that make these women feel like they are not alone, are the “soft touches”…the hand-knit scarves and chemo caps, the sweet construction paper “thinking of you” cards crafted by children, the paper clip angel ornaments made by Girl Scouts, the pink pins to wear proudly as a symbol of strength. These are the things that warm the hearts of the women who receive a care package. And these are the things the PBCC relies on you to donate!

Are you crafty like Kathleen Markley and Pauline Kring? Please consider knitting or crocheting some pink scarves or making needlepoint bookmarks. Do you sell Avon, Mary Kay or Longaberger like Rosanne Bair and Agnes White? Why not donate some samples of lotions, make-up or other small items? Do you own or frequent a gift shop or other business like Patty Platts and Mia Morrison? Perhaps you could send us small “feel-good” items that the store has on hand! (Click here to see a list of some recent donors and what they gave.)

The possibilities are endless, the benefits, immeasurable. And the ripples of your kindness will linger long after that pink box has been emptied and tossed in the trash.

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