Chip in for a Cure!

Posted By on April 29th, 2010 at 3:57 pm | 984 comments.

No, you’re not seeing things….those bags of Martin’s Kettle Cook’d-Chips really are pink!  And the sale of those bags of chips in stores all across Pennsylvania benefits the PBCC!  Martin’s Potato Chips partnered with us back in October to sell specially-designed bags of their most popular chips and they were a huge hit!  Amazingly, Martin’s was able to donate over $23,000 to the PBCC last fall and hopes to do the same this May.

So, visit your local grocery store before May 8th, find the 9 oz. bag of Martin’s Kettle-Cook’d chips with the pink ribbon on it, and put one or more in your shopping cart.  The PBCC will receive 25 cents from each purchase.

Please visit the Martin’s website for more info. 

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