One Person Really Can Make A Difference

Posted By on March 26th, 2010 at 11:54 am | 110 comments.

We say it all the time, that one person really can make a difference.  But this week, Freda Brown at Johnson Controls in York proved it!  She organized a “Go Pink” day to raise money for two teams of hitters at this year’s Home Run Derby.

Heather and I were there for the kick-off…pink balloons, pink food, pink lemonade, pink shirts, pink roses!  We set up our traveling road show, as we like to call it, to raise interest among employees and funds.  For two hours, Freda spoke to each person who walked by (there was no escaping her!), explaining what we were doing there, encouraging them to buy a shirt or make a donation, and try to win the beautiful rose bouquet.

Her ability to talk to people and get them to open their wallets with a smile was astounding.  I heard many people say, “OK, because it’s you asking, Freda!”  Remarkably, she was able to collect over $550 in two hours, with very little effort!  And it struck me how easily her method might translate to any other large company looking to raise funds for a Home Run Derby team.

If you are someone like Freda, someone who “could sell screen doors in a submarine”, then why not try this at your job?  We’d be happy to come to your place of employment and help you sell shirts and collect donations.  In just a few hours, you might easily be able to raise the $500 fee for a Home Run Derby team!  Then you could organize a cheering section and cheer on your team’s hitters in July!

Thank you, Freda!  You proved to me this week that one person really can make a difference.

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