We're a Driving Force!

Posted By on February 23rd, 2010 at 3:58 pm | 115 comments.

The PBCC puts over 20,000 miles on our van each year just from driving to Grassroots Partners events, press conferences, health fairs, meetings and other activities all throughout Pennsylvania. That’s why when Penn State University Lady Lion Basketball sponsored the PBCC to have our van wrapped, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity!

I.D. Wraps did a great job turning our formerly silver Toyota Sienna mini-van into one big pink awareness piece to take across the state. If you see us out in your area feel free to honk, shout and wave as we go by!

Watch our van being wrapped in the high speed installation video below. Thanks again to Lady Lion Basketball and I.D. Wraps for making this dream come true!


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