The Conclusion of the War of the Roses; Lancaster Brings the Heat

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The Home Run Derby rolled into Lancaster just a couple days after the kick off War of the Roses event. Teams had 48 hours to rest and re-hydrate. But both Rep. Boyd and Rep. DePasquale were ready for another showdown. Both brought the same team members, but this time, Rep. DePasquale’s team went first.

Rep. DePasquale and hit team started strong with many outfield and wall hits. Pete Gleason hit a home run and racked up a team high score of 410 points. But in the end, Team Rep. Boyd came out on top with 1,715 points, beating Team Rep. DePasquale’s score of 1,205 points.

Check out all of the team scores from the Lancaster Barnstormers’ stop:

Team Rep. Boyd – 1,715 points
Beard Miller Company – 1,345 points
Lebanon District Attorney’s Office – 1,320 points
Highmark – 1,270 points
Minuteman Press – 1,240 points
Team Rep. DePasquale – 1,205 points
Blue Ridge Cable 11 – 1,080 points
Team City of Lancaster – 880 points
PBCC’s *NPYNC – 815 points

Rep. Mike Sturla also stopped by Clipper Magazine Stadium to take some swings. His total score was 310 points. Blue Ridge Cable 11 came by and interviewed a few participants about their involvement with the Home Run Derby. When the video gets posted, I will link it over.

Rep. DePasquale brought his son Ben to Clipper Magazine Stadium for a few hits. Wearing his little league gear, Ben stepped up to the plate and hit a few baseballs! Way to go Ben! And Cylo from the Barnstormers made an appearance down on the field. He also took a few swings against breast cancer. Check out all of the Lancaster Home Run Derby photos on Facebook!

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