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Updates Coming on Friday!!

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So Kevin the Intern is quite busy this week. So all of the updates from York through State College will be updated and posted on Friday.

Keep a look out for all of the photos and scores coming soon!!!

Everyone loves the longball in Harrisburg

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The Home Run Derby rocked it’s way into Metro Bank Park on Tuesday with 19 teams and quite a handful of volunteers! The pink t-shirts and batter’s jerseys were seen all over the stadium as the teams stepped up to the plate to take a swing against breast cancer.

Check out the team scores:

Dauphin County Commissioners – 1,750 points
Penn State Cancer Institute – 1,535 points
Team Representative Ron Marsico – 1,490 points
Beard Miller Team 2 – 1,480 points
Highmark – 1,450 points
Play It Again For Charity – 1,285 points
The Griswolds – 1,245 points
Capital Watch – 1,220 points
Angino & Rovner – 1,175 points
PA Association of Community Bankers – 1,065 points
Beard Miller Team 1 – 1,050 points
WQLV – 1,025 points
Tucker Arensburg – 975 points
PA AFL-CIO “Union Sluggers” – 905 points
AstraZeneca Team 1 – 875 points
Atlantic Central Bankers Bank – 825 points
“Not Witty Enough” Clear Channel Radio – 795 points
AstraZeneca Team 2 – 675 points
PA Breast Caner Coalition ‘NPink – 570 points

All of the teams gave it their all! The “Not Witty Enough” Clear Channel Radio consisted of team members Bob Hauer, Mike Parker, Nick Meckley, & OC. Check out the video that they put together while they were warming up and batting:

Thanks to Bob and the entire Clear Channel team! Representative Tony Payton Jr. from Philadelphia County & Representative Ron Marsico from Dauphin County both came out and took a swing against breast cancer! Thank you for coming out during your busy schedules!

We did have a few home runs come from these 19 teams. Ben Moyer from the Senators on Team Tucker Arensberg had two home runs and all of the following batters had one home run: Nick Meckley from Clear Channel, Mike Westerberg from the Penn State Cancer Institute, Allen Ponato from Team Rep. Marsico, and Jamie Bochniak from Highmark. Awesome!!

Special thanks to WQLV 98.9 FM for coming out and covering the Home Run Derby on Check out the interviews and commentary from the entire Derby!!

Check out some photos from the Harrisburg Home Run Derby on Facebook!


Major League Supporters in Williamsport!

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The pink squad rolled into Williamsport prepared for a day of fun at Historic Bowman Field! The day started off with a few interviews for Executive Director Heather Hibshman. The folks over at Variety 97.7 FM asked a few quick questions and played the interview for all of Williamsport to hear. A few volunteers showed up because they heard we needed some outfield shaggers! Awesome! Then came to the field and got some insight into the Home Run Derby. Check out Heather’s interview!!

A total of eight teams came out to Historic Bowman Field! Each team brought spectators who filled the stands and watched as batters took their swings against breast cancer. Here is the complete list of teams scores:

Team Senator Eugene Yaw – 1,880 points
City of Williamsport Team – 1,510 points
Team Representative Richard Mirabito – 1,240 points
Team Variety 97.7 FM – 1,220 points
Representative Garth Everett/Blaise Alexander Dealerships Team – 1,050 points
Woodlands Bank – 850 points
Williamsport Sun-Gazette – 775 points
Mad Cow Girls – 605 points

A few heavy hitters were a part of these elite eight teams. On the City of Williamsport Team, the Mayor, Fire Chief, Police Chief, and the Streets & Parks Manager came out to show their support! Rep. Mirabito brought out four little leaguers to take some swings. They did a great job coming in third! Rep. Everett/Blaise Alexander Dealerships brought retired New York Yankees pitcher Mike Mussina to the plate. Mr. Mussina posed with the PBCC staff!

There were a few batters that hit a few out of the park for breast cancer! From Team Senator Eugene Yaw, Frank D’Agostino hit 5 home runs and Jeff Miller hit 2! From the City of Williamsport Team, Fire Chief Tom Cillo knocked one out! This resulted in a $100 donation from Deputy Fire Chief Irv Gleason. Gleason challenged the Chief to hit a homer, and in return Gleason would donate $100 for each one! Awesome challenge Irv!

WNEP came out to Bowman Field to check out the Derby. Reporter Jim Hamill spoke with Heather and also Dee Hoffman from the Mad Cow Girls. Dee is a seven year survivor and in her conversation with Jim she said “It’s a privilege to be alive today. And everything I do is in hopes some other woman doesn’t have to go through what I had to go through.” Check out the entire story on WNEP’s website. I’m trying to get the video because it’s awesome!

Check out all of the Williamsport Home Run Derby photos! They are great!!

Altoona was a HIT! One down, Ten to go!

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Wow! I experienced my first Home Run Derby in Altoona on Tuesday and it was awesome! We had a lot of supporters come out to Blair County Ballpark and take a swing against breast cancer!

In all, we had 11 teams step up to the plate! That’s awesome!! The top team was Community State Bank of Orbisonia Team 2 with team members Brandon Sunderland, Scott Everhart, Scott Knepper, and Todd Cornelius! They had an unbeatable score of 1,455 points!

Here are all of the scores from Tuesday’s Contest:
Community State Bank of Orbisonia Team 2 – 1,455 points
C&G Savings Bank Team 1 – 1,175 points
Reliance Bank – 1,115 points
PA Association of Community Bankers – 995 points
C&G Savings Bank Team 2 – 805 points
Community State Bank of Orbisonia Team 1 – 765 points
Investment Savings Bank – 665 points
Altoona Mirror – 655 points
Altoona First Savings Bank – 610 points
Forever Broadcasting – 445 points
WBXQ Radio – 385 points

Scott Knepper from Community State Bank of Orbisonia Team 2 hit one out of the park and got the first Home Run Baseball of the 2009 season! Way to go Scott!

We also had another person hit a few baseballs over the outfield fence! Garry Wurm from C&G Savings Bank hit 5 home runs! Here he is pictured with the PA Association of Community Bankers team, who helped Garry hold his pink baseballs.

FROGGY 98 and ROCKY 104 came out to show their support as well! Earlier in the day, PBCC Director of Communications Sarah Lightman and Troy Campbell from Altoona First Savings Bank went into the Forever Broadcasting studios and sat down with a few morning shows to talk about the Derby. They certainly represented PBCC well!

Check out all of the pictures on Facebook!

Things start back up again tomorrow in Williamsport! PBCC and PACB along with many other teams will be at the Williamsport Crosscutters Friday, July 10th from 10 AM to 1 PM. Stop by and see former New York Yankees pitcher Mike Mussina take a swing against breast cancer!