Derby Makes its Way to Western PA

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The Home Run Derby made its first of four stops this week in Erie. Jerry Uht Park was ready for the Derby and the supporters that followed. Nine teams came out to the Seawolves and stepped up to the plate.

We had a special announcer take Frank’s place. Marilee Warner from the Erie Times News stepped up and offered her time to the Derby. She jazzed up the crowd and brought out her colleagues from the Erie Times News and Thank you Marilee for your help!

Take a look at the team scores from Jerry Uht Park:

TESCO Tools Team 2 – 1,950 points
TESCO Tools Team 1 – 1,300 points
Connoisseur Media – 1,235 points
Malin Bergquist & Co – 1,205 points
Marquette Savings Bank – 1,115 points
WJET-TV – 850 points – 840 points
Erie Times News – 835 points
Hibshman’s Heroes – 650 points

A special thanks to all the teams who came out! TESCO Tools showed their strength by claiming first and second place. Lee Rohan & John Fette from TESCO Tools Team 2 both had two home runs! Chuck Rambaldo from Connoisseur Media also hit two baseballs out of the park! And Doug Robison from Erie Times News hit one home run! Good job fellas! In an honorable mention, I’d like to thank Hibshman’s Heroes who drove up to Erie from Lancaster & Lebanon Counties to support the Derby! Thank you very much!

C. Wolf also made it out to the baseball diamond. He took a few swings and posed for a few pictures. He even loaded up the pitching machine for a few batters! In all, Erie was a success! After the Derby, the staff paid a visit to the waterfront to catch a view of Lake Erie! What a wonderful conclusion to an awesome day!

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