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Board Members

PA Breast Cancer Coalition Board of Directors


Pat Halpin-Murphy
President & Founder

Sandra Christianson
Legal Counsel

Mary Ann Cupples Wisniowski
Southwest Vice President

Sandy Cray
Lehigh Valley Vice President

Deborah Freer

John Glick, M.D.
Board Member

Linda Golden
Grassroots Partner Representative

Peggy Grove
Board Member

Andrea Mastro, Ph.D.
North Central Vice President

William Miller, Jr.
Board Member

Leslie Anne Miller, Esq.
Executive Vice President


PA Breast Cancer Coalition Honorary Board

Madlyn Abramson

Bernard Fisher, M.D.
Distinguished Service Professor, University of Pittsburgh

Michele M. Ridge
Former First Lady of PA

Harris Wofford
Former U.S. Senator

Janet Potter
Corporate Grassroots Partner Representative

Lesley Ridge
Northwest Vice President

Alice Sanders
South Central Vice President

Karen Saunders
Board Member

Jeanne Schmedlen
Board Member

Brad Shopp
Board Member

Mary Simmonds, M.D., F.A.C.P.
Board Member

Pat Stewart, LCSW
Southeast Vice President

Leslie Stiles
Board Member

Norman Wolmark, M.D.
Board Member

To contact a member of our Board of Directors, please call 717-769-2300 or send an e-mail to