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Legislative Victories

The PA Breast Cancer Coalition has worked, since its inception, to better the lives of women and their families in Pennsylvania.

The following items were enacted thanks to the advocacy efforts of PBCC supporters and dedicated legislators.

Breast and Cervical Cancer Research Act
Bill signed into law May, 1997
Introduced by Representative Katie True in October, 1995

Breast Cancer Reconstructive Surgery Coverage Act
Bill signed into law October, 1997
Introduced by Senator Joseph Uliana, Senator Edwin Holl, and
Representative Dennis O’Brien

Extension of Medicaid for breast cancer treatment
Effective January 1, 2002
Executive Order by Governor Ridge in June, 2001

Act 81 of 2002 - No time limit on reconstructive surgery
Effective June 28, 2002
Introduced by: Senator Edwin Holl and Rep. George Kenney
Previous legislation passed in 1997 required insurers to cover the cost of reconstructive surgery after mastectomy and symmetry for the opposite breast within 6 years. This legislation….

Pennsylvania Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Screening Act
Bill signed into law November, 2005
Effective July 1, 2006
Introduced by Representative George Kenney