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Survivor Stories

Welcome to our Survivor Stories section, where breast cancer survivors can share their courageous stories. Thank you to all who have shared their story with the rest of us!

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Leslie Anne Miller

Submitted by: Leslie Anne Miller, Bryn Mawr, PA, 31 Aug 2012

Leslie Anne Miller enjoys a challenge. In addition to being elected the first woman president of the Pennsylvania Bar Association, she was recently named General Counsel for newlyelected Governor Ed Rendell. In October of 2001 she was diagnosed...

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Diane Funston-Dillon

Submitted by: Diane Funston-Dillon, Harrisburg, PA, 23 Jan 2013

Diane Funston-Dillon was diagnosed with Infiltrating Ductal Carcinoma in October of 1996 at age 42. She found the lump through a breast self-exam. Here is her story. Q: What was your initial reaction to the diagnosis?
 A: I couldn't think...

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Karen Walsh

Submitted by: Karen Walsh
, Hampden Township, Cumberland County, 31 Aug 2012

Diagnosis and Treatment 
I was at my desk talking on the phone and playing with my necklace when I felt something. A lump, like a marble, was protruding out of my chest. I called the facility where I get my annual mammogram. It was early April...

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Carol Erickson

Submitted by: Carol Erickson
, Philadelphia, PA, 30 Aug 2012

This issue of the Survivor Spotlight written by Bonnie Squires, PA Breast Cancer Coalition Vice President for Development. The first thing you notice about CBS3 reporter/meteorologist Carol Erickson, after her blue eyes and blonde naturally...

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