Swing Batter Swing: Beat Breast Cancer at 3 Ballparks with the PBCC!

Posted By on May 15th, 2014 at 10:16 am | 100 comments.

#ibatfor all breast cancer survivors in Pennsylvania. You are not alone in his fight! – Pat Halpin-Murphy, PBCC Pres. and Founder

Tis’ the Season to Take a Swing Against Breast Cancer! The PA Breast Cancer Coalition’s Home Run Derby events kick-off this June, raising funds to support survivors across the state. The PBCC will visit Harrisburg, Lancaster and Erie. Registration is $25 for 10 swings and a free derby t-shirt.

So, who do YOU bat for? Maybe it’s your mother, your wife, your sister, your aunt, your daughter or all breast cancer survivors facing this battle.

We want to know! Follow @PBCC on Twitter and use the hashtag #ibatfor. Upload a short video of yourself or a tweet explaining why you choose to step up to the plate with us. We’ll select a winning post to receive a prize pack at the stadium of your choice!

WATCH: All-star batters share why they step up to the plate



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