The Healing Benefits of Yoga to Breast Cancer Patients & Survivors

Posted By on May 15th, 2012 at 11:23 am | 13 comments.

Two studies published earlier this year suggest that yoga can be beneficial to women with breast cancer. One study focused on the impact yoga can have on pain relief and side effect relief for postmenopausal breast cancer survivors experiencing aromatase inhibitor-associated joint pain. Another study centered on the impact of yoga upon cognition and quality of life for women with early stage breast cancer treated with chemotherapy.

The first study centering on survivors with joint pain was a qualitative study where participants took part in an eight-week yoga program, which served both as physical activity and a support group. Participants kept a journal of their experience and received weekly phone calls to uncover emergent themes centering on empowerment, pain relief, increased physical fitness, and stress and anxiety relief.

The second study focused on the benefits of yoga on the cognition and quality of life of women undergoing chemotherapy. It followed women with early stage breast cancer who participated in a yoga program twice a week for 12 weeks. Following the completion of the study, participants completed qualitative questionnaires to determine what benefits and challenges they perceived.

Both studies require further investigation to determine the exact nature of benefits that yoga can provide breast cancer survivors in terms of improving overall quality of life. However, whatever the outcomes of further studies, many breast cancer survivors have expressed anecdotal evidence to suggest that yoga has benefited them.

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