President’s Corner – Study Affirms Mammograms Save Lives

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A recent study published in Radiology affirmed what we at the PA Breast Cancer Coalition have advocated for years – mammograms save lives. The study – which spanned 29 years and followed 130,000 women in two communities in Sweden – found that deaths from breast cancer declined 30% among the group of women who received regular screening as opposed to the group that did not.

This news supports the longstanding position of the PBCC that early detection saves lives. In 2009, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force issued a recommendation against routine mammograms for women in their 40s and also recommended that women in their 50s be screened every two years instead of annually. At that time, the PBCC strongly disagreed with the Task Force and instead encouraged women over 40 to continue to schedule annual mammograms.

It is our hope that this new data will encourage the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force to reconsider their previous recommendation so that women aren’t receiving mixed messages on the importance of mammograms and early detection to overall prognosis and treatment.

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  1. C. Bowers says:

    My preventive mamogram saved my life.  I had no signs of a lump, sensitivity, or pain.  My mamogram and sonagram looked suspicious.  The did a needle biopsy and it came back negative, pathogiist advised to have a surgical biopsy because the cells around the needle biopsy still looked very suspicous to the pathologist.  The sugical biopsy came back a In ST2 cancer.  I was shocked and in denial.  Breast cancer does not run in my family.  I had a lumpechtomy and presently in my 3rd day of 35 treatmmes of radiation.   I am so greatly the the yearly preventive mamograms.  It could have been a reallly sad story.  -C.Bowers

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