The weather cools down as the competition heats up in Williamsport

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The weather cools down as the competition heats up!

Compared to a boiling week in the eastern part of the state (which topped the charts at 102 degrees- yikes!), a day at Williamsport’s Historic Bowman Field seemed refreshing with temperatures in the mid-80s.

But while the temperature dropped (relatively-speaking), Derby competition only got hotter! Take a look at the team scores from the Williamsport Crosscutters stadium:

Team Scores:

No more home runs on Tuesday, July 13, but here’s a wrap-up of the day’s highlights that even Stuart Scott would be proud of:

Mike Mussina, former New York Yankees pitcher, joined us at the plate for the second year in a row, leading Team Alexander/Representative Garth Everett to victory and tabulating a personal score of 425 points.

But wait- not to be outdone, the City of Williamsport Team brought out their heavy hitters and Tom Cillo put 445 of his own up on the board (Somebody ate his Wheaties…)! Uh oh, “Moose,” sounds like a challenge to me…

2010 PA Home Run Derby at the Williamsport Crosscutters Team Photo: Best BuyWith rain in the forecast, the weather almost tampered with the Derby’s success. Nonetheless, the precipitation held off in time for Team Best Buy, who sent eight volunteers out to help shag balls in the outfield, to wrap up our day at Historic Bowman Field. Thanks, Best Buy!

Stayed tuned for news from this coming weekend, which I predict will be action-packed and exciting. The PBCC will be venturing to Sovereign Bank stadium, home of the York Revolution, on Friday, July 16, and then finishing up this eventful week with the Lancaster Barnstormers at Clipper Magazine Stadium.

For hot-off-the press derby updates, don’t forget to follow iKevin on Twitter and check out his real-time travel map on the official Derby website.

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