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Alice Sanders

By: Alice Sanders, Lancaster PA

17 Aug 2012

Billy and Alice Sanders' relationship began when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. They were both working at Ford New Holland in Lancaster County, but they didn't know each other. When Alice was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1993, a memo went throughout the company about her extended medical leave. When she re-turned to work, Billy called her to welcome her back and to tell her that God had placed her on his heart. Alice did not hear from Billy again until she retired in 1995. He again called her and asked if he could contact her sometime to share spiritual conversation. They began talking in January 1996, and from that point on they became spiritual soul mates. They were married on December 31, 1997. The following remarks were made by Billy at the Mother's Day Mammograms ® kick-off, in the Capitol Rotunda, May 2nd. I thank God for the privilege to participate in this very important occasion, because as a husband, I know that breast cancer survivors need a lot of support. It is important that husbands encourage their wives to get regular mammograms and check-ups. It is important as a spouse to listen to your wife, to be there for her, to accompany her to the doctor's office, to hold her, to understand what she needs, and when necessary, to tell her to stop, slow down and rest. I thank God for our faith together in facing this disease, but it is our inner strength that has taken us to the next level and has helped us to take one precious day at a time. I thank God that we have reached a point in our lives where we can shift the focus off ourselves and reach out to others to spread the important message of mammograms for early detection of breast cancer. It is important that we as a family and we as a people come together to fight this disease by taking charge of our lives and believing in God for a cure. Our faith in God helps us know that one day there will be a cure for breast cancer; but until that day arrives, my wife and I will continue to reach out to others to spread the message of mammograms. Billy Sanders Lancaster, PA